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We pitch the journalists and authors on our clients behalf. Our expert ghostwriters make sure to pitch a quick, concise and punchy response in a way that gets journalists attention and in turn gets you published on amazing publications.

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Pricing and Plan

We provide the most pocket-friendly price plans for our clients. You don’t pay for hours, just pay for the links!


5 Links Package

$ 0
300$ per link


10 Links Package

$ 0
270$ per link


15 Links Package

$ 0
250$ per link

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can do HARO yourself. But if you don’t have time or expertise. We do it for you. You don’t have to pay for our time, just pay for the confirmed links we land for you via HARO

Responding to HARO queries is a time-consuming task. Landing a backlink from pitching to a HARO journalist requires a blend of art and science. We’re always testing various strategies to figure out more efficient ways to help our clients achieve their goals!

It depends on your niche or industry. Usually we take between 6-12 weeks

With more difficult industries or niche, there are fewer queries so the pitch volume is less, and the niche is less likely to be linked to from reporters, so we need to send more emails.

Yes, we only charge for do-follow links. We con’t charge for a no-follow link and if we land a no-follow link I suggest small smattering of nofollow will keep your link profile looking natural

We guarantee you a minimum DA/DR of 30+. The average DA/DR of the links we have landed to date is between 50-80. Some queries are anonymous so we are unaware of the DA/DR; if less than 30 then we will not charge for the link.

Yes, mostly besides Casino and Gambling niches! Most of our clients are related to Digital Marketing, Business,  Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Medical and Healthcare.

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